Nadira Jamal, Belly Dancer

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"I had so many 'ah-ha moments' watching it."

Important Notes  Order Now

The Podcast DVDs Have a New Home

The Taktaba Podcast DVDs, which I used to burn, print, package, and ship myself, are now being professionally duplicated and sold by the same manufacturer that makes my Improvisation Toolkit DVDs.

They're available on Amazon:

Or you can buy them directly from the manufacturer:


The podcast is, and will remain, free to view online or download, and you're perfectly welcome to burn your own DVDs of the program. You're even welcome to share them, as long as you honor the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License (i.e., you can give them away, but you can't sell them).

However, you can purchase the podcast on DVD if you want to:

  • view it on your DVD player, but can't or don't want to burn it yourself
  • view the program in full-resolution*
  • support the Taktaba project (like the tote bag you get when you make a donation to public broadcasting...)

*Note: the master copy of Episode 1 was lost in a hard drive failure, and its DVD version was created from the podcast file. As a result, the Episode 1 DVD has the same quality and resolution as the downloadable podcast version.



This podcast is a "Low-frills" production. I shoot it myself in my home studio, and the picture and sound quality are consistent with a home movie, not a professional video shot on a sound stage. If you are picky about picture quality, you may want to view the podcast online before ordering.

The podcast discs are DVDRs. They are professionally duplicated by a top-quality manufacturer, but they will arrive with a purple bottom. Don't worry; that's normal! Modern DVD players should be able to play them without any trouble, but if yours is extremely old, you may want to check your check your player's compatibility before ordering. If your copy doesn't play for any reason, you can return it to the retailer.




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